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At Hagios Akins Blog site you get more than just stories or articles about a particular concept, but various concepts ranging from motivational words, poetries and religious topics based on sound exegetical studies of the Christian faith. Christian topics can be a little complicated at times, but on this page, every topic is simplified.

I write

Far from my profession, writing is a passion and I encourage writers do exhibit their work on this blog, too. Writing is creativity; it is an art and must be celebrated. My scope covers a lot but not news and journalism. To encourage writing within my capacity, visitors may contact me if they like any of my blogs, or what I do and will want their stories, articles or poetries to be published, too.


For a lot of persons, words are just sounds, maybe letters but for some, words mean more than that. They are life. If skilfully employed, they can simplify and project the most difficult emotions and situations to the most scrambled mind. Poetry does this. It gives life and light.


Being a Christian by birth and conviction, I have devoted myself to spiritual things and I certify my religious blogs as doctrinally sound and worthy of following. I have led a group of believers and taught them the scriptures for a couple of years already and still counting. My audio tapes are available to be downloaded for free in the “Audio Message” menu.


This blog as well contains articles on general life hacks and personal development strategies other than things that religion has to offer—and poetry, too. Most of the things I write and advice have personal stories and experiences or things I learnt and have adopted from the books I’ve read.

Hagios A. Akins



Ayomide A. Akindahunsi is a poet, student and Preacher at The Grace Reality study. He prefers to be addressed as Hagios Akins as it is pronounced throughout his blogs.

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Lagos, Nigeria.

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